It’s difficult to imagine how it would feel to have a quiet mind. For someone like me, it is borderline uncomfortable to attempt to conjure that sound. On any other day of the year I would be all-consumed by the usual whirlwind of over-analysis and negative self-talk. Today, though, my mind is gently dusting off memories instead. Because today is an escape from the grey area. Today, my soul changes colour, my eyes blur, my holiday dress fits just right, and my arms feel stronger. Today, I will remember what my grandmother looked like in 1997. Today, I will listen to music that fills me with hope. Today, I will remember the last time my sisters and I all lived under the same roof. Today, I gravitate toward my partner for affection. Today, I will lay the ground work for a new friendship. Today, my son’s antics are funnier than usual. Today is the one day, of three hundred sixty five days, that I get to spend reflecting on the bride side. Today, my mind may not be any more quiet than usual, but it’s warm, and I am thankful for that.


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